Leeds based independent production company Daisybeck Studios approached us to create a package of broadcast graphics elements for a 60 minute documentary special commissioned by Channel 4 that they were editing with our neighbours, Core Post. We were asked to produce ideas for an animated title card and a number of map elements to provide geographical reference throughout the programme.

The Initial Ideas/Pitch

Before Daisybeck were ready to work with us they asked that we present some early ideas and direction for the graphics package alongside a quote for our time to complete this work. This project had a very tight deadline and budget in the run up to a pre-Christmas delivery so we had very little time to explore ideas at length. Mike and Jack presented a selection of ideas as 3 discreet moodboards drawing on influences from Christmas cards, decorations (specifically baubles), illustrated maps and old hand drawn ink and paper maps. Check out the images below to see how we presented our initial ideas to the client and some early renders of a 3D illustrated globe bauble and ribbon title.


The Process

The team at Daisybeck were really pleased with where we were heading with the graphics and asked that we run with the 3D bauble idea and look to incorporate the traditional hand drawn pen and ink style maps in to the design. It was at this point that Mike took the lead on the project and began developing the 3D bauble model, presenting a number of different renders to the client for feedback.


Broadcast motion graphics


The client preferred the sepia toned, realistic model created using Cinema4D and the built in physical renderer. This was then taken from prototype and worked in to an early working title for the show:



Although the client liked the idea of this logo, especially the blue version incorporating the north star element, the show ended up having a name change at a pretty late stage that subsequently meant this title card wouldn’t work.

In going partially back to the drawing board, a new title card was created, still with the bauble element incorporated but now applying the ribbon theme from an earlier idea and updating it with a glossier, more realistic look. We actually created the first map element in this style to begin with.

We then worked up the final title element and further map elements, augmenting the design with additional elements such as a fully decorated Christmas tree.


The final assets were delivered to the client in good time for they’re deadline and they were really happy with the end results which went out as part of the completed programme on the 23rd December 2017 and is available to view on 4od here: