It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally pulled our finger out and created a fully featured website to showcase our work, explain our services, tell the world about our studio & team and above all connect with the wider world!

Over the past year we’ve been working closely with the great people over at Contrast Creative to design, build and ultimately launch the site. It’s been a long process partly drawn out by our company director deciding to rebuild a house last year! We are now finally here and ready to show off our wares to the world.

In the initial meetings we decided that a crucial part of the site would be the ability to filter projects using tags or keywords and we wanted to create a platform for our content that allowed us to thread project work throughout the site using these tags and to also create custom pages based on tag filters. This came about due to the fact that we are often asked questions like “do you make title sequences?” or “What work has this artist done in the past year?” now we can filter our projects by style, artist and more and create bespoke pages for these searches allowing us to tailor our site to our prospective clients needs.

We are really pleased with the finished article and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! We will be adding more and more content to the site over the coming weeks and months and look forward to your feedback. Click here to jump over to our homepage and start exploring.