Here at Tracks and Layers we offer a range of post production services including motion graphics, video editing, visual effects, 3D modelling & animation along with suite & equipment hire. With a focus on streamlined workflows promoting collaboration and creativity we can offer great value by combining services to fit you and your projects requirements. To find out more about what we can offer click on the services below, we’ve also handpicked some projects for each to give you an idea of what can be achieved.



No matter how complex your brief or tight your deadline we take great pride in producing stunning, creative motion design elements to enhance the identity of your programme, help you to tell great visual stories, sell your product or explain complex ideas to your client or team in an engaging and vivid way. Drawing on many years of experience in motion and graphic design our team can ensure your vision is brought to life in ways you may have never even imagined.

Utilising cutting edge technology and the latest software tools including After Effects and Cinema 4D we can create stunning 2D, 3D or even VR visuals for screens of all shapes and sizes.

Check out our Motion Design reel or take a look at some of our featured motion projects below for more information on our process of taking your idea and bringing it to life…



We can handle video editing projects across a number of genres and styles from short form social content to feature documentaries and more.  However we particularly specialise in projects that involve a strong integration with motion graphics, visual effects and 3D animation.  One of our multi-skilled editors or motion design/VFX team can create Graphics and VFX in parallel with your edit. 

Changes to graphics and VFX update live in the timeline thanks to Dynamic linking.  As a result there is often no need to render and less miscommunication between departments.  A seamless workflow that means you can be more ambitious and more efficient with your time. 

By leveraging the strengths of our team along with the latest technology we can delivery complex edit projects seamlessly.  Therefore eliminating many of the headaches associated with traditional post production.

We offer multi-skilled editors for hire as part of a suite package or off-site for on location editing.  To find out more about us, our credits and featured projects click here

Looking to hire a Video Editing suite?

We also offer suite and workstation hire, if you would prefer to edit yourself or hire your own editor.  More details regarding this can be found in Suite Hire & Equipment.



Visual Effects (VFX) is the process of seamlessly blending live action with computer generated images.  Great VFX starts with pre-production, as a result we offer comprehensive supervision from script to screen.  We work with you to pin-point requirements early in the process and offer solutions on set and during post.  We can combine 3D environments with footage, create particles like snow and fire or composite graphical elements in to your footage.  Due to the tight integration with our motion and 3D services, we can produce results faster and more cost effectively.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and experience we can offer a broad range of visual effects services. We can provide a complete VFX department for your production or individual crew and services such as VFX supervisors, compositing and rotoscoping artists, matte painters, simulation experts or provide suite and equipment for your own VFX crew.

If you have a project that requires VFX of any kind please get in touch with us here.

Find out more about our Visual Effects service

Check out our VFX reel or take a look at our featured projects below for more information on our process…



Creating 3D models and then bringing them to life through animation is a great way to add dimensionality, life, depth and perspective your project.  

You may have a new product that needs exploding or assembling in 3D space and its various components examined or explained, the style of your title sequence might lend itself to the introduction of 3D elements or you could have complex processes or data that would translate best in a 3D space.  Our team have the skills to produce realistic or stylised 3D models and animate them creatively to fulfil and go beyond your brief.

We use the latest in 3D tools and GPU rendering technology to allow for lightning fast photo-realistic rendering and animation work.  Check out our best bits of 3D Modelling & Animation work in the video or take a look at some of our featured projects below for more information on our process for bringing your project to life…



For those projects that need the perfect space to work comfortably and creatively without any barriers we offer competitive rates for the hire of our dedicated edit/graphics suite along with fully featured motion graphics and video editing workstations in our shared studio space. We also offer high powered laptop and portable desktop workstations for use on location. Finally if you are looking for a change of scenery and a relaxed, creative environment to work then we also have hot desk space right here in our studio. For more details about our hire service please feel free to get in touch